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Everyone here at Moose Utility Division would like to remind our fans that Daylight Savings Time begins this Saturday night / Sunday so don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead because we’d hate it if you missed a race or just a ride with family and friends because you slept an hour too long! A couple of weeks ago we made mention of some changes that were coming to our website and social media with the way we communicate information to our fans.

We are very close to pulling this off and we will be proud to introduce a new feature to you called “The 5th Season”. Our recent ad themes have been focused on the four seasons of the year and how we cover them all. The 5th Season is going to be a regular feature that focuses on a particular article related to the appropriate timing of the year, a link to recent video features we have produced and focus on related products to the whole post.

We have been busy putting this together and we are excited to see the reaction of our dedicated fans. This is only going to be sent to those of you who have signed up for our e-mail blasts so we encourage you to spread the word to your family and friends so they can get signed up as well. The end result will be that we can focus more closely on those parts of the market that are most important to you and the units you own. We’ll continue with periodic product features to keep you apprised of other new and exciting items from Moose Utility Division, but this will be just another way for us to reach out to you.

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Open Houses
March 14, 2017
Farmer’s Store
719 Ridge Rd.
Mineral Point, WI
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Fast-Boot X

The suspension on any ATV, or UTV, is one of the most vulnerable locations on the machine and takes the brunt of trailside debris like no other. Moose Utility Division has acknowledged this for years and is your worldwide leader in parts and accessories for repairing or replacing damaged and broken parts regardless of whether they are suspension components or complete axles.
The newest offering to our line-up is the Fast-Boot X. This premium quality CV Boot provides comprehensive coverage for ATVs and UTVs with extended suspension axles like those found on Polaris RZR’s, Can-Am Mavericks and many other off road vehicles. They also provide coverage for heavy-duty aftermarket axles. They fit both inner, and outer, joints on both front and rear axles for unmatched coverage. They have many more features, are proudly made in the USA and you can see them here


Classic Storage Trunk

It seems as though soft luggage is quickly becoming a thing of the past as more customers are spending their money to upgrade to front and rear hard trunks. The NRA by MUD Classic Storage Trunk is a prime example of this. Made from easy-to-clean, high-impact resistant polyethylene, it is UV-stabilized and features a one-piece lid that opens for easy access to the storage compartment.
It also includes black leather arm and back rests and a 3” thick base cushion. Locking latches, reflectors and foam hand grips complete the package as well as a center area that allows more space for relaxing while stopped. It can be adapted to most types of ATVs, includes U-bolts for mounting and you can see how great it looks here