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Riding In Style

Conventional wisdom says that we buy UTV’s as an escape from our normal lives and anything associated with indoors.  At Moose Utility Division we definitely agree with that assessment, but it should also be noted that there are those times when we have to be out in the elements and a little dose of creature comforts isn’t a bad thing.

We’ve all had that occasion where we set out on a UTV to experience our favorite track or trail, but Mother Nature doesn’t always want to cooperate.  Whether it’s a casual trail ride with friends, a hunting quest to our favorite spot in the field or simply to move a big snow that has been dumped on us, there are those times when being able to escape rain, sleet, snow and a raw wind is a good thing.  Enter MUD’s new UTV Cab Enclosures.

To use the term “Cab Enclosure” with our product seems just a bit trite to us because the last thing we want to accomplish is to lump our product in with lesser products offered by our competition.  Make no mistake about it.  There is our Cab Enclosure and then there a lot of other inferior cabs out there pretending to do what ours does.

Whenever we develop a new product for Moose Utility Division, we always start by aligning ourselves with a reputable manufacturer who has decades of experience in the field and this is no exception.  It’s a fairly complex unit they have put together for us so let’s introduce you to this in steps so you can fully appreciate the complete unit in the end.

What’s the point of having a Cab Enclosure if it doesn’t do what you ask of it?  Keeping the weather outside where it belongs is just the start.  We know you are just like we are and aren’t necessarily going to be running this thing in wide open spaces at times so the risk of damage is there.  We start with a front windshield panel that is made of laminated, tempered safety glass not at all unlike the windshield in your everyday vehicle.  However, the weather is not always going to be bad so we added the ability to open it up on nice days with a two position tilt-out function that is assisted by gas cylinder shocks.  It locks in either of these two positions and provides just the right amount of air intake.  Washer/Wiper Kits are available separately as an accessory to make sure your field of vision is what it needs to be in blinding moisture or on those occasions when the UTV in front of you decides your baby needs a little dose of roost.

The roof is constructed of 13-gauge steel that is zinc-coated and powder-coated to a brilliant finish that provides maximum rust protection.  Sounds like it could be a bit noisy?  Well forget that notion because we added noise reduction insulation that is affixed on the inside of the roof as well as all the metal frames and supports.

The rear panel is made from rugged 5mm, transparent polycarbonate that is double UV-protected and twice-hardened to make sure your view of everything behind you is just as clear as everything in front of you.

Completing the package is a set of doors like no others on the market.  The opportunity to create more air flow through the cab is created by sliding windows that are made from safety glass.  The rest of the door panel is the same transparent, double UV-protected and hard-coated polycarbonate.  All of these panels are affixed to a sturdy metal reinforcing frame.  Both doors are lockable via a heavy-duty key locking latch system and fully open-able.  Did we mention the doors are easily removable if the desire strikes you?  Well, they are and you will appreciate that on warmer days.

We’ve already touched on the Washer/Wiper Kit accessory, but it should also be noted that an additional accessory is a Heater Kit that can be purchased separately as well so you can stay toasty as well as dry.  A qualified dealer of ours is ready to do the initial installation for you and we have a vast dealer network all over the USA.  They can have one of these installed on your unit and never have to drill a single hole on your frame to do it!

We are confident you are going to love this new product and we are ready to ship them so don’t delay.  See your local Parts Unlimited dealer and start your journey into arguably the finest accessory you will ever put on your UTV.